• Mixer
  • DHM-200
  • Speed range: 500~2800rpm, orbit diameter (amplitude) 4mm horizontal orbit.
  • DHM-200
  • Mixer
  • Speed range: 500~2800rpm, orbit diameter (amplitude) 4mm horizontal orbit.
Mixer unique button-type operating mode is simple and easy to use. By replacing the sponge for fixing different types of test tubes, it can mix and culture various commonly used test tubes. Up to 50 samples can be mixed and processed at once.
Product Introduction
Mixer, also known as the digital display multi-tube vortex oscillator mixer, uses a DC brushless motor and microcomputer control technology. The unique button-type operation mode is simple and easy to use. By replacing different tube-fixed sponges, it can be used for mixing and cultivation of various commonly used test tubes, and up to 50 samples can be mixed and processed at one time. It is suitable for fields such as bioprocessing, microbiology, and medical analysis.

Product Features
◆ One-button operation mode, simple and easy to use;
◆ Any set time within the range of 1min~99h59min, and an automatic prompt tone after the operation is finished;
◆ Multiple sponge tube racks to choose from, widely used;
◆ Soft start, uniform acceleration, effectively avoiding sample splashing;
◆ DC brushless motor drive, precise speed, long life, maintenance-free;
◆ Can process up to 50 test samples at one time, making experiments efficient and fast;
◆ The operation panel is concise, the microprocessor precisely controls, and the LED displays the speed and time in real time;
◆ Humanized program design, with built-in jog and timing modes.

Technical Parameters  
Model: DHM-200
Rotational speed range: 500~2800rpm
Rotation diameter (amplitude): 4mm horizontal rotation
Input power: 100W
Dimensions: 410*276*432mm (length*width*height)
Time setting: 1min ~ 99h59min
Maximum loading capacity: 4.5kg
Input voltage: AC100-240V 50-60Hz
Weight: 20kg

Tube rack model selection    
Model Specification Applicable tube diameter
DHM-200-T10 50xΦ10mm Φ9~Φ10mm
DHM-200-T12 50xΦ12mm Φ11~Φ13mm
DHM-200-T15 50xΦ15mm Φ14~Φ17mm
DHM-200-T20 50xΦ20mm Φ18~Φ21mm
DHM-200-T25 15xΦ25mm Φ24~Φ27mm
DHM-200-T29 15xΦ29mm Φ28~Φ32mm
Other Customized Specifications Available for customization Available for customization

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